The Pstik will be available in several colors.

Both the black and deep cherry will be somewhat transparent, allowing the woodgrain to show through.




Easily clamps to a monopod.

Recycled lead weights add ballast.

Super easy to use.

As a professional camera operator, I’m always looking for ways to improve my shot.  As cameras have got smaller, stability has become more of an issue, so I tried using various stabilization devices.  To be honest, pretty much all of them sucked.  The were fiddly to use and complicated to balance.  Most required two hands to keep them pointing in the right direction.  So in frustration, I built my own.

After using it on a few shoots, I began to get comments like “Man, that works well, can you built me one?”  Then a light bulb lit up in my tiny brain.  I know, I thought, I should build some of these.  So I did and life was good.  But they needed to look really nice, so I put what brain cells I had left and after a few versions, came up with a design I’m super happy with.  Now to see if the rest of the world agrees.

The Pstik clamps securely onto a monopod, but can easily be detached for transportation.  There are also recycled lead weights embedded in either end, adding ballast for greater stability.

Also available in black.

Simple wing-nuts

clamp the monopod.