Although his “real” name is Steve, Stephen J. Payne, to be precise, he’s usually known to his friends and acquaintances as “Paynie.” The name Paynie is a nickname that stuck many years ago, back in the UK. After a few years riding motorcycles around Greater London as a dispatch rider, he landed a job working as a photographer for Melody Maker and The NME, the well known British music papers. Progressing to The Evening Standard and international fashion and style magazines. Whilst working with bands, he got asked to shoot several music videos and live concerts. He moved to sunny Los Angeles in 1991 and has been here ever since. He has also been known to work as a camera operator for various TV shows, the latest being “The Secret Lives of Women: Polygamy” for the WE Network and “BoDog: Battle of the Bands”. He also worked on “Who Killed the Electric Car”. He now works out of The Brewery in sunny downtown Los Angeles and really doesn’t normally refer to himself in the third party. Email ~ 213.880.3780